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NEW – The Bible Verse Shop features some of our best photos along with our favorite bible verses.  Verses are taken from the King James Version of the bible.  Here is a link to this new and wonderful shop:

NEW – Randy’s Great Blue Heron Shop – features all of Randy’s best Heron photos on many beautiful products.

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All of our Black Bear & Grizzly Bear photos are all in our Bear’s Den:

Visit our WHITETAIL DEER SHOP to purchase photos of Bucks in Velvet, and other amazing stuff:

We have all our Bald Eagle photos with the Holy Bible verse Isaiah 40:31 in our (appropriately named)  Isaiah 40:31 shop:

ALL of our photos can be found on Shower Curtains in our Striking Shower Curtain Shop:

All of Sharon’s Thoroughbred photos, including Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Affirmed,+ more, can be found here:

All our photos can be found on Christmas Ornaments at the STRIKING EAGLE CHRISTMAS SHOP:

 ALL of Randy’s beautiful Dragonfly photos can be found at our DRAGONFLY ZOO:

Sharon’s Sphynx cat, Little George Hairlesson, has his own shop where everything is hairless and “bald is beautiful”: